God's Way Core Oversight Leadership Team

Andrew Ioannou

Marina Odegova Ioannou

Kasper Breindahl

Tess Abadab

God's Way International Ambassadors

God's Way Philippines Ambassador: Pressie Aninag


One Way: We Believe in God the Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit, We believe that Jesus Christ is The Only Begotten Son of God & The Only Way, The Only Truth and The Life, and that no one can be reconciled back to GOD, but by Jesus. We believe that we have all done wrong (all have sinned) and God The Father therefore sent Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son to earth to save us from where we were heading for eternity because of sin, to cleanse us from the stain of sin, heal and deliver us from the bondage of Sin, and to restore our true identity in the image and likeness of our God & to reconcile us back Him becoming His children.


The Holy Bible: We Believe The whole Bible is The Holy Word of God, and we teach it in its context, and without compromise.

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. See also 2Tim 3:15-17


Family: We believe when our Lord Jesus Christ said "Who is my mother and my brothers and sisters, but those who do the will of my Father" That our God sees us as Family, so true Believers are to be & act as a real Family, so this is also our mentality. See Matt 12:48-50


Making a Difference: We believe that we are to make a real evident difference everywhere we live and are, by intentionally shining the light & love of our Awesome God to the world, in Action, in word &  Demonstration to all.

See Matt 25:31-46 & Mark 16:15-18


The Power & Gifts: We believe that the power of God, miracles and supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are still available and functioning today, because Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever.

But we don't look to & put our focus on the power, signs and supernatural gifts, but on the power & gift giver, because the power & gifts are to naturally follow those who believe, But We fix our eyes on Jesus & look to and worship the Author and finisher of our faith, our Beautiful, Almighty, Awesome GOD. See Mark 16:15-20


We are a Center: and in this center, we hold various programs, events, training, counseling, Gathering meetings, & we Believe that Believers are to be trained, given opportunity to grow and released into the calling that our God has prepared for them that they should walk in. See Matt 28:19-20 & 1Cor 14:26


Worship: When our Lord Jesus Christ said that our Father was not just looking for believers, but for true worshipers, we believe He meant it. We desire to burn with passion for our awesome GOD, not only with our singing praise & worship songs, but more importantly with our lives. See John 4:23-24


Our Heart: is to love & serve people, to see people through God's loving eyes, to equip, train and release believers in their true Identity in Christ as a new creation & their God given callings to help shine the light & love of our awesome God in actions, in demonstration and in power, every where, transforming the places, cities & nations they are in.